Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Big Ben Is the Man

Check this shit out.


Blogger Michael said...

heh. i was gonna post that shit yesterday, just to let the world know who tikibarber was backing. i also considered changing our color scheme to a more approp black and gold as a gesture of good will, but decided to hold off, simply because things have been going well and i didn't want to jinx it. but if you want to change color or change the title to hines ward, feel free to do so, or let me know. for all intents and purposes this is your blog now anyways. I haven’t heard from rentas since the bears loss, and can only assume he’s dangling from his ceiling. Red wuz here.

but those pictures absolutely changed the way i feel about ben, and have undone all the damage inflicted by those fathead commercials. "yoo-hoo, TV land?"

i'm adamantly rooting for the steelers even though they've cost me money EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I’ve bet on one of their games. if i bet on them they get routed. if i bet against them, then opposing pro-bowl QBs lose their knees on the opening play. suffice it to say, i'm not wagering on this game, choosing instead to bet heavily on kanye winning the grammy for best rap album. I don’t need a reason to care about the superbowl, but I’ve never had a reason to care about the grammys.

In closing, fuck those soft seahawks and the entire NFC West. Fuck Alexander for MVP

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