Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2006 Season Preview: #23 St. Louis Rams

Does anyone really care about the Rams? There is about a two-game difference between the Rams' best-case scenario and their worst-case scenario. They have about a 50/50 shot of being better than they were last season, but a zero precent chance of being good enough to make a difference. The Rams may have a different identity this season after the front office gave the bum's rush to their idiot savant head coach Mike Martz, who had just been released from a hospital where he was being treated for a serious heart ailment. Another classy move by the organization that gave Leonard Little a second chance at being a millionaire after killing a 47-year-old woman while drunk driving in 1999. By the way, someone in the Little family must be editing his page in wikipedia, because it makes no reference to his involuntary manslaughter conviction, or the fact that he was arrested for drunk driving five years later. Steven Jackson and Torry Holt will make this team the focus of fantasy football nerds across the country. Marc Bulger will continue to remain the prolific passer plagued by injury he has been his entire career. New head coach Scott Linehan will undoubtedly rely on the run more than Martz, which will make them a little more consistent than they’ve been the last few years. However, the offensive line and defense are not good enough to make this team a real contender. The Rams made a lot of moves in the off-season, but they merely maintained the status quo. The Rams aren't terrible. It's a team that will make their opponents nervous every week, but they don't have a shot in hell of making the playoffs.


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